Dear Christian Conservatives

obama-thinking-jesusDear Christian Conservatives:

I finally understand, I really owe all of you a gigantic apology. I hadn’t realized until fairly recently how big of an impact you all have had on who I am, what I stand for and the type of Christian I want to be.

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

For a while I had drifted away from Christianity. Not that I stopped considering myself a Christian, but I had stopped really thinking about faith in my life. While I’ve never been a big church attendee, once upon a time I did spend more time focused on my faith and incorporating it into my life in my own ways. However, the last few years, I had somewhat moved away from that. I’m not really sure why.

Well, thanks to all of you Christian conservatives, I’ve now come back to the point where my faith has become a greater focal point in my life.

See, if it wasn’t for the ignorance, hypocrisy and utter hatred that seems to emulate from many of the “Christian right,” I might have never decided to stand up to reclaim my faith from the tens of millions who have so ignorantly distorted its true meaning.

I found that in my current mission to correct the wrongs many of you people have inflicted on my faith, I’ve developed a stronger devotion to real Christianity.

You know – helping the helpless; defending the defenseless; giving to the needy; assisting the poor; accepting each other; forgiveness and hope; love and compassion. Those things Jesus Christ actually spoke of.

Values for which many “Christian” conservatives tell themselves they stand for, but by their devout relationship with the Republican party, undoubtedly prove that they don’t.

If it wasn’t for your blatant distortion of the faith that I hold dear — and my subsequent reaction to reclaim it from those who misrepresent it — I might have continued to stray further away from that very faith. And who knows, I might have never returned.

But I have – with a vengeance.

No longer will I sit idly by while you people pretend to be followers of Jesus Christ by representing values which are complete contradictions of his teachings. I’m not going to sit here and let you people call yourselves Christians, misrepresent my faith, and do nothing about it.

I will no longer sit silently by while my faith is represented by people who continue to drive more and more people away from it with your intolerable distorted system of beliefs about Christianity.

And trust me, I’m not the only one. Millions of liberal Christians are beginning to awaken and fight back against your distortion of our faith. We’re sick and tired of your ignorance being tied in with our religion.

Your despicable reign over our faith is coming to an end.

So, once again, thank you. Because if it wasn’t for all of you and your intolerance, bitterness and hateful attitudes, my eyes might not have been reopened.


Allen Clifton

Co-founder: Forward Progressives

Founder: Right Off A Cliff



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